Mastering Midlife

12-Weeks to Regaining Your Vitality

Does this sound familiar?

You are moving through life, and everything feels normal. Then one day something happens that makes you pause and say to yourself "What is going on here? Am I really ok?"

The realization that you are not quite yourself mentally and physically, or that you have woken up and soaked through your sheets yet again. Do you recognize any of these challenges?

• Brain fog and forgetfulness

• Stress, anxiety and mood swings

• Gut issues and increased weight gain

• Joint pain and inflammation

• Trouble sleeping

• Hot flashes and night sweats

• Lack of direction and purpose

Or maybe you lost your sense of self. You can't seem to recognize yourself anymore and your identity has shifted.

In order to reclaim your body and mind, you must first understand it...

"I was just accepting that it is what it is and I would just have to deal. Not true. Sheryl really knows her stuff. I now have an arsenal of ways to overcome symptoms."

-Kim Z.

Perimenopause and menopause are a time of change that is often unexpected and unexplained. There is no handbook and no one is right alongside you explain these changes.

If these challenges sound like something you've experienced lately, then it's time to talk about menopause and learn what is happening to your body and why what used to make you feel great and stay in shape is no longer serving you.

The truth is no one talks about menopause—and that's because no one wants to admit they're ageing and experiencing the symptoms. but having this conversation is critical to successfully navigate your unique menopause journey.

That is why I created Mastering Midlife.

We focus purely on lifestyle changes so regardless of whether or not you supplement with hormone replacement therapy, these 12 weeks will change your life!

What's included in

Mastering Midlife 12-Week Program

Exclusive Membership Portal & eGuides

• Private membership portal with weekly comprehensive modules and videos

• Step by step action items with worksheets to put your new knowledge to the test

• Menopause focused recipes, exercises and mindset guides to do anytime and anywhere

Tips & Guidance

• Learn about your hormones and why they can cause symptoms during menopause

• Identify your vision and goals for this new chapter of your life through your own personalized Menopause Vision Statement

• You'll create your own Menopause Blueprint to help you integrate everything you learn into your lifestyle

Accountability Sessions

• Your Private Facebook group for daily support and accountability

• Ask questions and share challenges in weekly Q & A sessions in private Facebook group

• Celebrate your successes with like-minded women

24/7 Direct Access to Your Menopause Coach, Sheryl Vega, via Facebook Messenger!

By combining the holistic elements of sleep, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle & mindset, Mastering Menopause will allow you to not just manage menopause, but to MASTER IT!

Overcome Symptoms Like:

•Hot flashes/night sweats

• Brain fog

• Fatigue

• Joint pain

• The dreaded midlife "meno-belly" and weight gain

What You Will Learn...

  • Gain full understanding on perimenopause and menopause

  • Fueling For Midlife

  • Master Your Mindset

  • Find Your Direction

  • Sleep Stabilization

  • Midlife Health: The Importance of the Liver & Gut Microbiome

  • Managing Your Stress & Anxiety

  • New Found Fitness

Its time to be supported in implementing simple, natural lifestyle changes to manage symptoms of menopause.

Feel empowered by your newfound knowledge about how hormones affect your body, and how to harness that knowledge for long-term wellness

Be able to confidently discuss menopause with doctors or loved ones who may not understand what it means for women going through this transition