Online Coaching Launches January 11, 2024


4-Week Meno Belly Blaster Program

B4Menopause: 4-Week Meno Belly Blaster is specifically designed for perimenopausal and menopausal women who want to get back on the path toward feeling their best.   It is designed to help women manage their weight in menopause, when they may be gaining pounds due to hormonal changes and stress.  

I've put together a complete 30-page Guide with an overview of the stages of menopause, causes of the dreaded “meno-belly” how to stop gaining weight, what to do to reverse your weight gain—all in one place. It also includes an overview of macros, nutritional guidelines, food lists, sample meal plans and weekly macros goals so you can customize your plan according to your needs and food preferences. The workouts are designed for the menopausal women (with both at home and gym workouts), this way, you always have everything you need to stay on track with your training program.  

And for a small investment of just $87 you will have access to a Private FB group for coaching and support!  

B4Menopause:4-Week Meno Belly Blaster is a program designed to help you lose weight and get your body back into shape while still being able to enjoy your life.   I know how hard it can be to stay motivated when you are feeling out of shape, that’s why I created this program with a private Facebook group for you to feel supported and encouraged.  

So when can you get it? Now! Click Here to Enroll