The Ultimate Ab Plan for Women Over 50

8 Weeks to Great Abs: The Program With Midlife In Mind

Whether you are looking for a flatter stomach or to build core strength, the 8 Weeks to Great Abs program is guaranteed to

What's included:

Midlife & Menopause


•Get the latest research and findings on perimenopause and menopause, and the impact it has on, you guessed it, your core!

• Learn why you gain weight during midlife and lose our core strength

• Menopause Science for your body



• Take my Core Assessment Test to set a baseline

• Identify your vision and goals for this program: do you want to build strength or tone?

• Detailed 8 week core program with modifications

Direct Access to Your Midlife Coach, Sheryl Vega, via Facebook Messenger!

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In Case We Haven't Met...

Hi there! I am Sheryl Vega

Before becoming a Menopause Coach, I studied nutrition and exercise independently as a certified fitness professional and nutrition expert. During my own menopause journey, I was suffering from debilitating symptoms and couldn't find help anywhere.

So I went back to the books. I was hopeful that I could manage my own menopause symptoms naturally. This began the next phase in both my personal and professional journey. I did the research, I learned the science, and I became certified as a Menopause Coach to dig deep into the issues menopausal women face. My previous knowledge of fitness and nutrition along with my newfound knowledge of women's health allowed me to not just manage, but master my menopause symptoms through lifestyle changes.

I know how confusing menopause can be. The endless symptoms combined with additional life stressors during this time is overwhelming. I wanted to help other ladies get off the merry-go-round of symptoms management and regain confidence within so that they too can reclaim their lives and regain their vitality!

In Health & Happiness,

Sheryl Vega - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions

The Program Runs For 90 Days

We Start

on the 30th of November 2021

There will be a kick off call to welcome you in

on the 30th November - 10 am NZT / 29th Nov - 4pm EST 

The first live training & Q&A Session

will be on Tue 7th December - 10am NZT / Mon 6th December - 4pm EST 
All trainings will be at the same time.

We will extend the program by 2 weeks to allow for a break during Christmas/New Year

The Program will finish on the 11th of March

All sessions will be recorded and the recording will be available in the membership area within 24 hrs of the call ending